Best Hotels to Book Near Ikeja/Lagos Airport


If you want to book hotel near Abuja/Ikeja Airport we have a list of best hotels to book in the area. Once you have identified a hotel, you will be able to book online and pay as you check in.

The best thing to book hotel near the airport is to avoid traffic jam and also to catch up with a plane as soon and possible.

If you are travelling to Nigeria and you wish to spend a night in a nice hotel, perhaps a 4-star hotel, here is a list of best hotels to sleep

Excel Oriental Hotel &Suites 40-80
Blue Lodge Hotel 60-100
Adna Hotel 40-70
Downtown Royal Hotel 30-70
Golf View Hotel and Suites 30-70
Cottage 3 Guest House 30-70
Golden Tulip Essential Lagos Airport Hotel 70-120


Once you book online, you will be provided with contact details and direction to the hotel. As you arrive in Lagos, means of transport will be provided. If you are ready to book online, here is the link (Hotel booking link)