Best Jobs for Fresh Graduates in South Africa: For Jobless and Desperate Graduates


Fresh graduates in South Africa often face challenges of identifying the best jobs given that they possess zero or little professional experience. As a fresh graduate, you should be aware what kind of job that can lead to a successful career.

Having little or no experience does not mean you are not competent, but lack of opportunity. As a fresh graduate, desperate for a job, these are the job titles that suites you

Graduate trainee/Management Trainee

Graduate trainees are jobs offered to fresh graduates by popular South African companies where they train them and offer them employment after the training.

Several profitable companies have this programme, which is so far the best for fresh graduates.

If you want to grow professionally, this is where to launch your career.

Accounts Assistant/Cashier

Since you don’t possess required professional qualifications, chances of being a senior accountant are almost nil. You are, therefore, required to start from the lowest level, which is Accounts Assistant.

This position requires an individual with a business related degree course and a professional course like ACCA or Certified Internal Auditor Certification.


I understand that most companies don’t pay interns, which is demoralizing. But as someone who wants to grow professionally, experience is much better than peanuts.

Internships are foe everyone, whether a degree holder or a diploma graduate. It is a very important aspect of professional growth as it gives you the opportunity to interact and understand the work environment –how to relate with people and how to respond to various dynamics of day to day responsibilities.

Sales Executive

Sales executive jobs are for anybody regardless of specialization. Once the opportunity presents itself and you are readily available, apply for the job.

Bank Graduate Clerk/Cashier

This is another job that mostly attracts fresh graduates.

Since most banks in South Africa know that fresh graduates are full of energy and desperate for jobs, they prefer recruiting them.

Working in a bank is stressful but if you are jobless with no experience, you can grab the opportunity as you wait for other opportunities.

Police Officer/Army

The police and army in South Africa have so many graduates. Most of them preferred to take up the job after remaining jobless for a while.

If you would like to hold a gun, this is the job to take whenever opportunity arises.

Customer care

There are also several available opportunities for customer care officers. These jobs are ideal for fresh graduates with communication and public relations background.