Best Laptops To Buy in Uganda


There are a variety of good laptops you can in Uganda with as low as USh 100,000.Some laptops are genuine while others are not, but you should be extra careful when buying a laptop in Uganda; buy from a registered company.

If you have money to buy a laptop in Uganda, the following are the best brands to buy.

  1. Dell
  2. HP
  3. Toshiba
  4. ASUS
  5. Apple
  6. Samsung
  7. Sony
  8. ACER
  9. Lenovo

Dell laptop emerges as the best laptop but the entry of Lenovo in Uganda has eaten into Dell market. Apple laptops are the best for people who don’t want to lose data even when the laptop crushes. It has special back up which enables it to store data for future use.

Sony is a good laptop but it is somehow very expensive.

Other good laptops include ACER, HP, Toshiba and Samsung







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    Nicholas otim

    Comment:I need any good laptop at only 300k

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