Best Masters Courses to Study in South Africa in 2016

The best masters courses to study in South Africa are those whose market is not saturated.

Pursuing a Masters course is not only a lifetime achievement but also a sign that you have decided to select a course in life that you believe will take you to the best destination. South Africa has many opportunities for Masters Graduates, especially those with qualifications regarded as hot cakes in the various industries.

We list the most marketable Masters courses in South Africa, which are best for graduates who want to be absorbed into the job market the earliest time possible.

The salaries for these courses are also ‘fat’ as compared to other courses regarded as not marketable.

  1. MSc Actuarial Science
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. MSc Statistics/Applied Statistics
  4. MSc Procurement and Supplies
  5. MSc Finance
  6. Masters in Accounting
  7. Masters in Law
  8. MA Economics
  9. Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation
  10. MSc Nursing
  11. Master in Urban Studies
  12. MEng in Mechatronics
  13. Master of Public and Development Management (MM)
  14. Masters in Real Estate
  15. MSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering






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