Best NGOs to work for in Uganda: They pay good salaries


NGOs and government are the best employers in any country. The working conditions and the terms provided by these institutions make them the best places to work.

Uganda is among the countries in Africa with the highest number of NGOs.They have set base in this country to deal with various natural calamities as well as help the locals improve their lifestyles.

If you wish to work in a good environment, then NGO is the best place to look for a job. As a job seeker, the following are the Non-Governmental Organizations you should seek employment in Uganda.

  1. United Nations

United Nations is the best place to work in Uganda; besides having the best work environment, the salaries people who work here earn are extremely high. With just a basic degree, you can earn up to $5,000.Please convert this money into Ugandan shillings and you will never hesitate working at the UN.

  1. Innovation for Poverty Action

This is another Non-Governmental Organization you should send your CV whenever you hear they are recruiting. You can also send application even if there is no vacancy advertised.I have seen many cases where those who send ‘blind’ job applications end up being invited for interviews whenever opportunities arise.

Amnesty International

This is a very ‘big’ organization which works with vulnerable people in the society. Their salaries are huge and also provide excellent working conditions


I guess every Ugandan graduate is aware of the existence of ACDI VOCA .It is because of the many jobs they advertise, mostly for fresh graduates. Working here will provide you with opportunity of exploring the world as you do research.

  1. PATH Uganda

This NGO has branches in many countries in Africa. It keeps growing each time and has good financing from major donors. The salaries at PATH Uganda are very good for every level in the organization.

  1. Heifer International

The program is funded by Clinton Foundation as well as Bill and Melinda Foundation and other donors. It has been in existence in Uganda for a while and overs a wide range of advisory services to entrepreneurs as well as helping communities solve economic and social problems.

This is one place you should aim to work in if at all you wish to grow professionally.

  1. USAID

Funded by the US Government, USAID is next to UN in terms of salaries and working conditions. Working at USAID will solve your child hood dream.

  1. World Vision Uganda

It’s a fantastic area to work in, considering that it’s funded by several governments including USA.Even if you are employed as an Intern, the idea of leaving the institution will never cross your mind.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

It’s a branch of United Nations and their terms are the same as those of United Nations.

Other good NGOs to work for in Uganda include:

Canadian Feed the Children

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

RTI International

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)

World Wide Fund For Nature

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Save the Children in Uganda

Concern Worldwide Uganda

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Aga Khan Foundation Uganda







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