Best Online Stores to buy smartphones, laptops and clothes in Kenya

Conducting business online has become the order of the day especially in this era of smart phones where customers can receive all information concerning the latest products on their phones.

Online stores started making sense in early 2000 when computer usage increased tremendously in almost all countries in the world. Today almost every college student and employees in many companies have access to the internet. This has made online business to grow tremendously.

In Kenya, the demand for smart phones,laptops,clothes,shoes and other household items has led to the increase of the number of online stores.However,not all the online stores in Kenya are reliable. Below is a list of the best online stores in Kenya.

1. Jumia Kenya
Jumia was introduced in Kenya in 2013 and it has since grown to become one of the best online stores in East Africa.

One thing customers like about Jumia is that the company has employed workers who deliver products to their customers regardless of where they are. Once a customer orders something, the company makes efforts to deliver the document within no time.

The prices of products sold by Jumia are relatively cheap as compared to the regular shops and supermarkets in the country. Almost all the products sold by the company are genuine, no counterfeit products.

2. Kilimall
Kilimall is also another online store that supplies customers with wonderful products. At Kilimall you can get smartphones, women dresses, shoes, laptops, women handbags and many other home appliances.

A very insignificant number of customers complain of their products.

3. Rupu
If there is an online Kenyan company that has taken the market with storm is Rupu.Their products are very cheap, I don’t know where they get them from but I suppose they order directly from the manufacturers.

4. Kaymu
Kaymu is a big thing in Kenya, it’s growing-no joke.

Just like Jumia, Rupu and Kilimall, Kaymu has all the home appliances and gadgets that the new generation as well as the old ones desire.

The company has existed for some time because their products are genuine and cheap.

Note: though there are many other online stores in the country, the ones listed above have been tested; they are therefore regarded as the best.






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