Best Pagely Plan to Host a Website Receiving 1 million Daily Visitors


Pagely is one of the best websites for hosting WordPress website that receives more than 1 million daily visitors. There are several plans that start from as little as $499 per month.

If your website is receiving daily visitors of at least 1 million,you will go for Enterprise plan,which costs $2,500 per month.

Features of the plan are as follows:


Pagely offers six (6) pre-configured Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and extreme high traffic needs. Custom Clusters can be provisioned at any size and utilizing nearly any AWS service as well such as Elastic Search. Custom Legal terms available.

Custom Cluster Configurations
Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Included (Read Slaves Available)

  • 60+ Sites
  • 50GB+ DISK
  • 2TB+ BW
  • 5TB+ CDN

Starting at



With a website receiving more than 1 million page views per day, you need a powerful server, such as the one provided by Pagely.You also need enough memory and space to store the files. Enterprise plan has a total of 2TB of bandwidth per month-this is enough to accommodate your demanding website.

If your website receives at least 10 million daily visitors,here is the best hosting plan provided by Pagely


For the most demanding applications and clientele, we present the most comprehensive and powerful managed WordPress solution to date.

  • Bespoke HA Production Cluster
  • Unlimited Dev/Staging Sites
  • Separate Dev/Staging Nodes
  • Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Pair
  • Post-Deploy Code Review
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 2 Support Seats
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Full Site Monitoring/Alerts
  • Playbook / Documentation
  • Quarterly Performance Audit
  • One Hour Guaranteed Support Response

Some restrictions apply.

  • 1 Production Site
  • Included DISK
  • Included BW
  • Included CDN


$228000/yr – No Setup Fee

Pulsar is the ideal plan for systems and websites for heavy traffic. Most websites that rank below 500 worldwide are hosted under this plan, they receive traffic ranging from 10 million to 20 million per day.

The plan means you have to pay  $20,000 per month and $228000 per year.But a website like this will make more than $50,000 per month.