Best Paying Banks in Kenya


I believe a number of us at one time wanted to work in a bank, which we believed had the best salaries and working conditions. However, not all banks pay employees good salaries yet bank workers in Kenya are over worked.

If you didn’t know, as much as some banks pay their workers peanuts, there are some specific banks with good renumeration.

Retail banks normally don’t pay well but investment bank have the best salaries.

Banks like Equity pay their cashiers Sh 25,000-Sh55, 00, while banks like Co-operative pay clerks up to Ksh 180,000.

Standard Chartered and CBA are among the leading, where there is no big gap between the top earners and the lowest renumerated employees.

Below is a list of the best paying banks in Kenya

  1. Standard Chartered Bank
  2. Co-operative Bank
  3. NIC Bank
  4. Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
  5. CFC Stanbic
  6. I&M Bank
  7. Standard Investment Bank
  8. PTA Bank
  9. Citibank
  10. Ecobank Kenya
  11. National Bank of Kenya
  12. Gulf African Bank
  13. Family Bank






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