Best Paying TV Stations in Uganda


Uganda has more than 4 TV stations, but not all the stations perform well in terms of viewership and financial muscle. The highest paying TV stations in this country are mostly those owned by either Ugandan tycoons or companies from outside Uganda.

If you are pursuing journalism and perhaps want to join media industry, it’s better you do your research first to determine what TV station would pay you based on your input. Our research shows that the following are the best paying TV and Radio stations in Uganda.


NTV is the best paying media house in Uganda. The company, owned by the Aga Khan group, attracts the best talent, who possess excellent skills in journalism and news anchoring. Several employees at NTV Uganda earn as high as Ush 2 million while fresh graduates get a starting salary of Ush 500,000-Ush1 million.


Bukkede is the second most popular TV station in Uganda with at least 5 million views per day.

Bukkede is owned by New Vision Group, which also owns newspapers and radio stations. The company has grown tremendously since its incorporation in 1986.It is now a leading media house in Uganda.

At Bukkede, the average salary of an experienced journalist is Ush 1.5 million. But that should not worry you because there are journalists who earn up to Ush5 million per month.


UBC is also very popular in our country. Though it pays slightly less than Bukkede and NTV, their salaries are attractive. Over 60 % of employees at UBC earn at least Ush 700,000 per month.


Urban TV station, which mostly attracts viewers from young generation, attracts talent. The station pays fresh graduates over Ush500, 000 per month.


Finally, NBS is another well-paying media house in Uganda. Though their salaries are a bit low, there is evidence several employees earn over Ush600,000 per month.