Best Private Universities to Study in Kenya

Before former President Mwai Kibaki came to power, very few private universities existed in Kenya. He later liberalized higher education, leading to mushrooming of universities and middle level colleges.

Currently, the country has over 25 private universities and more are coming up. According to the latest statistics, out of 100,000 students who are admitted annually to the local universities, 60,000 join private universities.

The level of literacy in the country has risen significantly over the past 10 years. However, most of these private universities have been accused of producing half-baked graduates, with a number of graduates being discriminates against by employers.

It’s disheartening to see a graduate spending four years in school and end up being jobless forever because of attending a university which is perceived to be producing half-baked graduates.

Recently, Engineering Board of Kenya released a list of universities which are eligible to train engineering students in Kenya. The list sent shocking waves to thousands of student who were already enrolled for various engineering courses.

Popular universities like Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University, Technical University of Kenya, and Mombasa Polytechnic University were missing on the list.

Also, Moi University was recently ordered to close its school of law because the institution did not have the required facility to train Lawyers.

As you prepare to join college, do a thorough research on the best courses in each university and the best university you can pursue your dream career.

Following experience we possess regarding higher education in Kenya, we list the best private universities to study in Kenya
2. Mount Kenya University
3. Daystar University
4. Strathmore University
5. Kabarak University
6. Baraton University
7. Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)
8. KCA University

KCA and Strathmore universities are known for producing the best finance and accounting graduates.Baraton and CUEA were incorporated by churches. Their students known for upholding the highest moral standards

Daystar University is heavily mentioned in the media industry in Kenya. It’s not a secret that it produces the best journalists in the country.






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