Best Professional course to study in Kenya between CPA and ACCA


Certified Public Accountants (CPA) is the most popular professional course in Kenya, with many Kenyans opting to study the course due to availability of reading resources and the low cost associated with pursuing the entire course.ACCA on the other hand did not originate from Kenya, many professionals are reluctant to pursue it because it’s both expensive and very few institutions train the program.

Students as well as junior professionals often question which between the two courses is the best to study in Kenya. Having studied the Kenyan job market for years I could encourage anyone to go for ACCA.

There are many reasons why ACCA is better than CPA.I know of a number of employers who don’t blink twice when they see a qualified ACCA professional. These people are way above CPA professionals because ACCA is thorough and has international recognition.

As a professional, if you happen to travel abroad with your academic papers from local universities as well as ACCA certificate, I am 100 % sure your academic certificates would be rejected but ACCA would give you a job. But CPA will be rejected outright because it’s not popular beyond East and Southern Africa.

CPA in Kenya is flooded now, it’s not popular as it used to be some years back because almost every graduate, including school drop outs, have struggled to complete the course. Pursuing ACCA will separate you from the crowd and give you unique skills which every employer yearn for.






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