Best Salary To Earn in Kenya and Live a Comfortable Life


Salary will never be enough, but there is money you can earn in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and live a very comfortable life.

Most companies in Kenya pay their employees Sh 20,000-Sh 50, 000, which I believe could not make someone comfortable in Nairobi.

Rent for apartments has shot up in every town in Kenya while cost of living has gone up but the salaries still remain constant.

A salary survey conducted in Kenya show that over 80 % of employees are not content with what they ear; only 10 % live comfortable live.

Based on the survey, the following is the salary you can earn in Kenya and live a comfortable life

Nairobi-Ksh 150,000

Mombasa-Ksh 120,000

Kisumu-Ksh 110,000

Nakuru-Ksh 100,000

Eldoret-Ksh 100,000

Thika-Sh 130,000

Western Kenya (Bungoma,Kitale,Kakamega)-Sh 80,000

Kisii-Ksh 100,000

Kericho-Ksh 120,000

Naivasha-Ksh 130,000

Central Kenya (Nyeri,Kiambu,Muranga)-Ksh 140,000






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