Best SEO Tools to use to Get 1000,000 page views

Getting 1000,000(1 million)page views in a month isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a new blog. Using SEO tools to boost your traffic is what you need in order to achieve your target. Luckily, there are authentic SEO tools you can use and see your traffic surge past 1000,000.


SEMrush has been in existence for several years. Ever since the tool was created, bloggers have found its usefulness beyond imagination.SEMrush’s main function is to help a publisher determine how their keywords are ranking against competitors. This helps in making necessary changes to boost the publisher’s content on search engines.

In this era, Facebook traffic isn’t reliable at all, neither is Twitter. What remains is organic and direct traffic. To get meaningful organic traffic, one has to boost their blog’s ranking in organic searches, and this is exactly what SEMrush was created for.

There are four main uses of SEMrush:

  • Helps in indexing of content
  • Helps in spying competitor keywords
  • Helps in tracking posts’ performance
  • Helps in popularizing your content

The tool comes with a one month free trial and three plans. The cheapest plan costs $99.95 and has all the features a blogger would want in a SEO tool. Another popular plan is called Guru and is useful for individuals who need to create viral content on regular basis. The last one is called Business and it costs $399.95.As a newbie, you need to use the trial version before you make up your mind.

If your blog is currently pulling in less than 1 million page views,it’s advisable to try SEMrush for at least a month to determine whether it will boost your traffic past 1 million.Proven results show the tool will increase your content’s organic rich by 80%,which will translate to more money and better Alexa ranking.The monthly free subscription is here

LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro has won several awards for its excellent listing of searchable long tail keywords.The tool is perfect for bloggers who are aiming to rank on Google page 1.Since Google changed its Algorithm about 5 years ago in regards to keywords, long tail keywords have been of more emphasis than one letter keywords. It’s known that Google and other search engines rank articles based on how best the long tail keywords answer queries. For example, someone will search for, “Best hotels in Texas”.If there’s one person with a blog title similar to what the individual was searching for,that article will rank first in Google search results. Research shows that people click first on content Google ranks at the top of the search results, which means your article has more chances of being viewed by many people.

LongTail Pro makes sure it gives you the best keyword suggestions based on the frequency of previous searches for the keyword.

I have been working with LongTail Pro for almost two years saw my traffic increase massively. In one year, my Alexa ranking has increased by over 1,000 times.I credit SEMrush and LongTail Pro for their excellent services.

LongTail Pro has a free trial version which lasts for one month.As a publisher, taking advantage of this offer is phenomenal. Here is the trial version.

Email Marketing

Email marketing will directly and indirectly boost your traffic to 1 million per month. After you create a high quality article,the next step is to email it to your subscribers.Assuming you have 200,000 subscribers,you will be assured at least 10,000 of them will read the article.ConvertKit is the best Email Subscription tool.This is one almost every publisher is going for. The tool will help you build an email list,which will result to more visitors and income.There is a free trial version that I also used before I purchased the premium one.

Currently,you may be getting less than 1 million page views per month,but after trying these tools,your traffic numbers will surpass the 1000,000 target.