Best Small Business to Start with Little Capital in Rwanda and Earn Profits


Rwanda is growing exponentially and business is also becoming lucrative each day. There are several small businesses you can do in Rwanda and get extremely high profits without necessarily putting more hours into it.

Being a young economy, the country is full of opportunities both for locals and foreigners. If you are planning to start any kind of business, Rwanda is definitely the place to be.

Below are types of businesses you can start in Rwanda with small capital

Poultry farming

Poultry farming is becoming a popular business in Rwanda, with several entrepreneurs earning huge sums of money from the business.

With just $1000, you can set up a poultry farm then expand with time.

I can assure you today that within a year, you must cash over $ 5,000.

Bodaboda business

This is another business that many people, especially university graduate; take for granted but has grown to become one of the most profitable in Rwanda.


Selling fresh vegetables and fruits is the best business in Rwanda, particularly, Kigali. With just $ 50, you have your grocery.

Even if you are learned, just try this business and you won’t regret in future.

Executive salon

Women love beauty, and beauty comes with a cost. That’s where a salon comes in.

Tell me of any country where salons don’t exist and I will stop writing such articles.

The good thing with owning a salon is that you don’t have to be a salonist, but you can hire the best in the industry.

Note that during holidays and weekends, salons make a lot of money.

Berber Shop

This is another one. Just like a salon.Owning a Berber shop in Rwanda is a very noble idea.

This business is purely for people with little capital, and those who want to start small.

Having a Berber shop in Rwanda will not only save you from the embarrassment of being broke but also ensure you have some capital to venture on other projects.

Car Wash

A car wash in Kigali will put you in the map of rich under 40 and perhaps make you one of the biggest employers in Rwanda.

Only $ 1,000 is enough for a big car wash but with as little as $1,000 you can have one in the village.


The industry is not fully exploited in Rwanda; towns like Kigali have space for hotel business.

It doesn’t matter the size of the business but once you have a running business, you are in a better position to dominate in the industry, with sound management.’

Wines and spirits business

Owning a pub or wines and spirits business is extremely profitable in Rwanda. What you need to have is someone trustful to manage your business.

Printing/photocopying and scanning machines

This business is very good in towns and schools. The goodness is that you don’t need huge capital to set up the business; just $ 500 and you are ready to go.

Other businesses include selling second hand clothes,selling motorcycle spare parts,selling imported cars,shoe shining,opening baby care centre,starting electronic shop and selling mobile phone credit cards.






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