Best Small Business To Start With N10000 in Nigeria


Do you know there are small businesses you can start in Nigeria with absolutely no capital or simply spend N10000 and get crazy profits?

Being the most populous countries in the Africa, Nigeria is a hotbed of business, whether requiring large capital or little finances.

To make it in Nigeria, one has to find a suitable business that the available capital can comfortably support. Fortunately, there are several business opportunities that require little capital.

The following is a list of those businesses

  1. House painting
  2. Shoe shining
  3. Fashion stylist
  4. Social media consultant
  5. Selling boiled/roasted eggs
  6. Resume Writing
  7. Selling honey
  8. Selling fresh vegetables
  9. Selling fruits
  10. Poultry farming (you can start with 2 chickens)
  11. Home Cleaning services
  12. Selling second hand clothes






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