Best small business to start in Kenya with high profits


Last year, when we were having good times with my friend at a popular restaurant in Uganda, I learn’t something that thought me a million lessons in a minute.

We had schooled together in a local secondary school and I knew him as someone who will not go far as far as education is concerned. When we met in Uganda, he was driving a brand new Range Rover; on his hands were two smartphones, iPhone 6S and HTC M9.I knew my friend as someone who had zero ideas about making money, how he found himself swimming in dollars is what surprised me.

I calmly asked him whether he borrowed the Range Rover. He confirmed that it belongs to him. That’s when I realized that making a million plus and education has zero correlation. My friend narrated how scoring a D in high school was a blessing to him. He didn’t bother to continue with studies but went straight to Nairobi and started supplying clean water to various people in Nairobi estates. One year into the business he had a lorry to do the work, initially he had a mkokoteni.He now owns 5 lorries which supply water in Nairobi and is planning to expand the business to other towns.

If indeed it was written that you will succeed, nothing can stop you. If you are stuck and perhaps you are wondering how to make your first million, follow our ideas below.

1. Invest in chicken farming
With as little as Ksh 1,000 you can start chicken rearing in Kenya and grow with time. If you have Ksh50, 000 as capital, you are assured of saving at least Ksh 1 million by the end of your third year in business.

The best thing with chicken rearing is that the chances of making losses are almost zero; you can only make losses if a chronic disease attacks your chicken.

2. Start a fast food restaurant
As I was passing through Nairobi streets, I always thought the huge number of fast food restaurants is out of desperations from the owners due to lack of jobs. I was later put into my place when more than 5 owners revealed to me that every restaurant I see in town make at least Ksh 5,000 per day.

After visiting several towns in Kenya and collecting data from many restaurant owners, I am now convinced to inform you that never fear to start a fast food restaurant wherever you are. You only require Ksh 200,000-Ksh 600,000 in Nairobi as capital as and less than this amount in other towns.

3. Car Wash business
I have a friend in Buruburu who makes Ksh70, 000 in a bad month. He started his business with just Ksh50, 000 and he is happy to tell the entire world that he runs 4 cash wash ventures in Nairobi and intends to expand as soon as possible before people realize that there is gold mine here.He used to be an Accountant but he quit in January to concentrate with his business

He is not the only one, every village I visit in Kenya, there is merry making from Car Wash Owners as they carry money with sacks to bank. If washing a small car in Nairobi is Ksh 300 and alorry is Ksh 4,000 while a medium vehicle is Ksh 1, 000, how much do you think these people make per day.

4. Motorcycle spare part business/bodaboda spare part business
Who thought that this business could exist in the 21st century? I am proud to know a million business that sell bodaboda spare parts that are really making good money.

Last week I was in Migori to do my usual research, I used to think that Nairobi is the only town where business is the only route to success, but I was embarrassed to see a long queue outside a small kiosk where motorcycle spare parts are sold. At first I thought there is a mheshimiwa who was distributing campaign money until I got close to realize that a 27-aged man was making millions.

Whichever town you operate this business from you will always make good profit.

5. Electronics shop
Electronics shop in towns like Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa are very profitable. What you need to know is to identify the taste of customers and then make available the gadgets they prefer.

It is not a must to start an electronic shop with millions, even Ksh100, 000 is enough.
One thing I can assure you is that the moment customers put trust in you, that is it.

The best electronics to start business with are phones, radios and laptops






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