Best Smartphone to buy in Kenya


Two years from now 80 % of Kenyans will own smart phones; this is the era for smart phones.

Currently, over 30 % of Kenyans own smartphones where majority are living in towns. The number increase each day.

Assuming you haven’t owned a smart phone in Kenya since your childhood and you want to own one but you aren’t sure which one to buy, this article will help you make an informed decision about the best smartphones in the market.

Types of smartphones in Kenyan markets

  1. Samsung
  2. Sony
  3. HTC
  4. Wiko
  5. iPhone
  7. Lenovo
  8. Microsoft
  9. LG
  10. Tecno
  11. Huawei
  12. Black berry

Best smartphone to buy in Kenya

When it comes to buying the best phone there are several aspects you look at. First examine whether the camera is good enough to take clear pictures. Then look at the processor, is it fast enough? Internal memory is also very essential besides the operating system it uses.

iPhone tops the list of the best smartphones to own in Kenya. The phone is durable and has so many exciting features that make it rank number 1 on earth. It is followed by HTC, LG, Samsung and Black berry. Sony has also very fantastic features. Sony’s camera is excellent and I doubt whether there is any phone that can beat this on the quality of images.

Where to buy genuine smartphones in Kenya.

Genuine smartphones can be sourced from Jumia Kenya,Safaricom Shops, selected wholesalers along Luthuli Avenue,Nakumatt Supermarket,Airtel Shops, Sony shops, Orange Shops and Ebrahim Electronics.






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