Best Smartphones Below Ksh10,000 in Kenya 2018

Research shows that 83% of Kenyans own smartphones valued below Ksh10,000.As a result, an article directed on this percentage is of significant help.Today,in 2018,if you want to own the best smartphone below Ksh10,000,there are a couple of them that stand out.

What do you look at when buying a smartphone in Kenya? Here are five things you should look at:

The company selling the smartphone

  • Battery capacity
  • Price
  • Storage capacity
  • Memory Capacity
  • Megapixels of the camera
  • Brand

If you compare prices at Jumia and another shop and realize the gap is huge. In other words, if Jumia is expensive by Ksh5, 000,then that other company is selling a fake phone. I have been a frequent visitor to shops located at Luthuli Avenue where you’ll get the best price. The difference in costs between the shops and Jumia cannot exceed Ksh2,000 for smartphones below Ksh10,000.

A good phone costing below Ksh should not have less than 8MP and memory capacity below 1RAM.The phone should also not have less than 16GB internal memory.

Currently, the best smartphone brands in Kenya are:

  • Infinix
  • Tecno
  • X-TIGI
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • iPhone
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Huwaei
  • Oppo

For smartphones less than Ksh10,000,here are the best for you.


The first in our list is Tecno Spark K7.This smartphone has been sold to over 300,000 Kenyans and the market is still ripe for it.One of the reasons they prefer this over other smartphones is the price-it costs Ksh10,000

Tecno Spark K7 has the following features:

  • Display: 5.5-inch IPS
  • OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Storage: 16GB ROM
  • Camera: 13MP Rear & 5MP Front Camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Battery :3000 mAh

You will observe that the storage capacity is 16GB,Camera is 13MP and the battery capacity is 3000mAh.This is certainly a phone you can’t overlook when searching for phones to buy below Ksh10,000

Currently,Tecno Spark K7 is available at Jumia for Ksh 10,000 and can be ordered through this link


In 2017 I heard for the first time my colleages talk about X-TIGI smartphones.They spoke fondly of the phone, especially in regards to battery life.I told myself,”let me try also and see whether it will serve me well. After using it for 6 months, I will highly recommend it to anyone in need of a phone below Ksh10,000.

X-TIGI is designed for people who easily get worried about battery life.This particular one has a battery capacity of 4000mAh,which is excellent.

Features that put it on top are as below:

  • Android 7.0
  • 5.5” HD IPS
  • 16GB Storage, 2GB RAM
  • 4000mAh battery
  • 13MP Rear with flash, 8MP Front

X-TIGI P15 is definitely better than Tecno Spark K7….you can compare the specs and make your own conclusion.To get this phone,visit Jumia website through this link


Infinix Hot 4 Pro is another phone I would recommend to Kenyans.The current price is Ksh11,000 and it has the following amazing features:

  • Display: 5.5-Inch HD
  • Memory: ROM: 16 GB; RAM: 2 GB; Expandable By SD Card: Up To 128 GB
  • CPU: Quad-core Cortex 1.3GHz
  • OS: XOS based on Android M
  • Camera: 13MP (Rear); 5MP (Front)
  • Battery: 4000mAh

Of all the phones we have discussed here,Infinix Hot 4 Pro stands out. One thing that excites me is the fact that the RAM is 2GB.A phone with 2GB RAM is extremely fast;it is can also multitask without hanging.

You can order this smartphone direct from Jumia through this link

Xiaomi 4G LTE Redmi

Xiaomi 4G LTE Redmi is another smartphone that sells like hot cake.One thing that stands out in this phone is it’s processor—it’s super fast.The camera is also powerful and storage capacity is enough for any material you have.

Below is what you’ll get once you purchase Xiaomi 4G LTE Redmi:

  • 5MP Front Camera 13MP Rear
  • 5.5 Large Display
  • Snapdragon Octa-core Processor
  • 3080 mAh Long Duration Battery
  • 2 SIMS
  • 16GB ROM

Currently,the phone goes for Ksh11,500 and can be purchased from Jumia through this link

It’s upon you to choose from the above list a phone that suits your taste.But I assure you that if you overlook the list and purchase a phone not listed here,you will eventually regret.