Best Universities to study Business courses in Kenya


Kenya has over 40 Universities where most of them are privately owned, few are owned by the government and Christian institutions.

Some universities specialize in teaching business courses; others specialize in offering journalism related courses but majority offer all the courses exist in the Kenyan soil.

Employers in Kenya have tendencies of learning towards certain Universities when selecting job seekers during job interviews. There are some universities known for producing the best journalists in the country, others are known for producing good teachers, others are best in producing good lawyers and doctors.

I have seen several cases where human resources managers in Kenya discriminate candidates because of graduating from colleges with poor history. It’s shocking that despite some candidates proving to be so good even during the interviews, they are denied a chance to work for some firms because of their academic background.

In order to be sure your career path would be straight after graduation, follow what the article advices.
The following are Universities you should enroll for business courses in Kenya.

1. Strathmore University
This is arguably the best University in Kenya in terms of training business students. Graduates from this university are always lucky to secure job opportunities as soon as they graduate. Employers know that Strathmore University offer quality education; they therefore give their graduates first priority.

2. University of Nairobi
Being the oldest University in Kenya, University of Nairobi has always set standards in the Kenyan employment industry.

If you are currently studying at the University of Nairobi, you are lucky because jobs seekers from other universities will always trail you.

3. KCA University
KCA is a private University which has grown to become among the few leading Universities in the country which offer world class training to business students.

It’s not by chance that it beats some of the popular Universities like Kenyatta University, KCA University pioneered the famous ICPAK which is a body where every CPA,CS and CIFA finalist must be associated with in order to be recognized as a finance and accounting professional.

4. Kenyatta University
Kenyatta University has always set standards in offering the best training on teachers and Arts students. It’s known that over 70 % of graduates from KU secure employment in their first year of graduation. This is not a mean achievement considering the level of unemployment in the country.

5. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
JKUAT is well known for producing the best IT and Engineering graduates. They are also among the best universities in business environment.

Being a public University, it always receives goodwill from employers, who believe that public universities are not for money but training the best students

6. Moi University
Moi University is also a public University with a good name in Kenya. Being a graduate from Moi University will automatically give you an edge over graduates from small universities in the country.

I know several candidates who graduate with a bachelors in Business Management from Moi University and were shocked to realize that competition for jobs was low because they graduated from the right university.

7. Kabarak University
Kabarak is owned by former President Daniel Moi.The mzee love Education, that’s why he ensures that his University provides quality education-there are no short cuts in Kabarak University.

I will highly encourage Kenyans intending to pursue Business courses to consider Kabarak University.

8. Egerton University
Finally, Egerton is a place to be if you intend to join a University in a cool, conducive and World class University.

Egerton admits brightest students in the country; you should be one of them.






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