Best University Diploma courses in India-Trending Courses in India



Over a quarter of Indians possess diploma courses, and several others are about to enroll in various universities in India. What everybody is striving to know is the best diploma courses, that is what we are about to discuss below.

Diploma in Business Studies


A business study is one of the most trending diploma courses in India. It is popular because most companies dealing with financial matters employ these graduates.

One motivating factor is the fact that diploma graduates don’t quote high salaries compared to degree holders.


Diploma in Engineering & Technology

Engineers are highly paid in India. A diploma in engineering will place you in a better position to earn more and do more in regards to your career. Besides being employed by top companies, you can also start your own engineering firm.


Diploma in Economics and Administration

Economics is a hot course, not only in India but world over. The combination between economics and administration means you will not only be a policy officer but also high in the corporate rank.

Diploma in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a top career in India because it entails talent and skills. If you are a talented designer, pursue this course and you won’t regret a day.


Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

Millions of visitors visit various parts of India annually. This has led to the demand of tourism and hospitality professionals as companies in the field increase significantly.

A diploma in tourism and hospitality won’t disappoint.


Diploma in IT


We are in computer and IT era where everything is turning to technology. IT experts are needed everywhere, but the stakes are high because only the talented ones are needed.


Diploma in Education

Education is a noble profession, which everybody look up to for knowledge. A diploma in education is among the best courses to pursue in India since such skills are needed in government and private schools.


Diploma in Computer Science/software engineering

Just like IT, computer science and software engineering courses are very marketable in India. The only thing needed from a student is innovativeness in terms of software development and innovative.

In this course, you are required to go beyond hardware because software matters in the modern world more than hardware.


Diploma in Marketing and Communication

No company will survive without marketing products. Sales and marketing experts are highly needed in every sector in India. It is, therefore, important to think of pursuing this course in order to secure employment.


Diplomas Food and Beverage Studies

Food and beverages are what everybody needs to survive. As many Indians prefer eating in restaurants and hotels, chefs and general workers are demanded. This requires the country to produce more experts. This makes a diploma in food and beverage marketable in India.

Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering

So many Indians are making a lot of money from their skills. Electrical and electronics engineering will make you an expert in electrical installations. You can easily land a job in telecommunication industry or energy sector and make a good living.

Diploma in aeronautical engineering

This course is good for people who want to work in aviation industry as aircraft technicians. The course is highly marketable in India because it’s very unique at the same time challenging.

Diploma in accounting and finance

A diploma in accounting and finance will land you a job in popular banks and insurance companies as an accountant or cashier. If you pursue your course alongside ACCA, you won’t be jobless.