Biggest Tribes in Uganda


Uganda has over 45 tribes, which are dominated by the Bantu speaking communities. The biggest tribe in Uganda, Buganda, represents 17.3 % of the entire population of Uganda.

The second placed is the community referred to as Banyankore, which represents 9.8 % of the total population of the East African country.

Below is a complete list of the biggest tribes in Uganda

Baganda (17.3%)
Banyankore (9.8%)
Basoga (8.6%)
Bakiga (7.0%)
Iteso (6.6%)

Langi (6.2%)
Acholi (4.8%)
Bagisu (4.7%)
Lugbara (4.3%)
Others (30.7%)

You will notice that 10 tribe make more than 60 % of the entire population of the Republic of Uganda.






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