Bluehost is Best Web Hosting Company for Uganda bloggers.

Bluehost has been found to be the best web hosting company for small and medium websites in Uganda. Many bloggers and website owners in the country have found themselves moving from Uganda based web hosting companies to U.S based companies.There are several reasons why this has happened.

The first reason why Bluehost has attracted many website owners is the fact that it’s not only cheap but also reliable. I have witnessed several cases where customers of the local hosting companies complain that when their sites grow to a certain level, they are forced to pay more, more than they would have paid while hosting at Bluehost.Later, when they move their sites to Bluehost, they realize that the giant company’s services are extremely excellent.

The second reason why Uganda website owners have considered migrating their sites to Bluehost is the extra services they receive. What is surprising is that when you host your website at Bluehost, especially the Prime Shared Hosting plan which charge $ 5.95 per month, you will be allowed to host as many websites as possible in a single plan.

Bluehost also offers several security options like SSL certificate and SiteLock, which can help to secure your website. An SSL certificate is important because it safeguards your website against virus and malware attacks. It also instills confidence from advertisers.So,it’s highly advisable for Uganda website owners to host their websites at Bluehost.