Brookhouse Kenya Admission Requirements and Procedure


Brookhouse International School admission requirements are as follows

The academic year begins in late August for Term 1. Entry to the school is preferable at that time but students may be accepted at any time in the year. Acceptance follows an evaluation of the child’s previous academic record and an interview, if this is practical to arrange. An entry assessment test is used to assist in the placement process.


All admissions to Brookhouse School are made through a senior member of staff. When seeking admission, prospective students are requested to provide copies of previous school reports, academic transcripts, and where applicable, a Leaving Certificate. Where practicable, prospective students will also be interviewed and may be asked to sit an entrance placement examination and/or reading test. A student will only be admitted to Brookhouse if it is considered that they will benefit from the curriculum offered and if they are prepared to contribute positively to the life of the school.


A student who is interested in joining Brookhouse should complete the application form available on line and forward it to the school. They should also request an interview if this is practical. Copies of previous school reports and any examination grades should be brought to the interview or forwarded with the application.