Business Ideas in Kenya: fish business is profitable in Nairobi

fish kenya

For a long time Kenyans have always thought that starting fish business belongs to people of Kisumu only, they shunned the business completely. It has reached a time where every business oriented human being in Kenya is shifting his energy to operating food business, especially fish business.

There are a number of Nairobi residents who have Doctors’ instructions restricting them from eating red meat. They have resorted to eating fish and chicken because there are not associated with cancer and related ailments. The large number of this class of people has pushed the demand for fish to the ceiling.

Fish business is booming in Nairobi and whoever started the business earlier is cashing in enough money to finance his projects. It’s not a secret anymore Kisumu has literary migrated to Nairobi. There are a number of business people who have joined the veterans in Nairobi in conducting the business.

1.Areas where the business is most profitable in Nairobi

There are areas in Nairobi where people generally don’t like eating fish but most estates are ideal for the business. According to our research, the areas which are ideal for fish business include Kayole, Kibera, Langata, Embakasi, Westlands,Rongai,Ruiru,Donholm,Kawangware and Ngara.The business is also ideal in Nairobi city Centre, especially city market and Muthurwa market

2.Cost of Starting Fish business in Nairobi

Fish is perishable, so it requires a fridge in order to stay fresh for some time. The capital required to start fish business is not as high as most people think. Once you get a fridge of say Ksh 20, 000, you only require Ksh 10,000 to start operating your business, but if you need a room in Nairobi, you would require Ksh 50,000 to start the business besides a fridge.

You don’t need to travel to Kisumu to source for fish because they are readily available in Muthurwa market or City Market.

3.Fish Business profit in Nairobi


Most business persons we have spoken with indicate that in a good day they make up to Ksh3, 000 but the profit goes up significantly during holidays and weekends. Those who operate in Nairobi town centre make up to Ksh7, 000 per day, which guarantees one comfortable life in Nairobi.

Compared to other businesses like hawking and general shop, this is surely a good business to do in Nairobi that could guarantee you decent profit






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