Business Of Selling Managu and Mboga Kienyeji is Booming in Naieobi


Business of selling managu and local vegetables is booming in Nairobi as many residents prefer feeding on vegetables to meat.

Managus is health to your body, and doctors encourage people to take a lot of vegetables. That is the major reason why most Kenyans, especially those suffering diseases like diabetes, cancer,high blood pressure are encouraged to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegetables.

In Nairobi, the vegetables are selling at prices we couldn’t imagine 10 years ago-Managu worth Sh 50 cannot feed two people. It is therefore important for those selling in groceries in Nairobi to start stocking more traditional vegetables like Managu, Mchicha, and Kales on top of tomatoes.

Surprisingly most people are not aware that owning a grocery is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi. Start thinking of owning one and you won’t regret.






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