Business success story: How I Made Ksh 20 million from operating MPESA shop


I am one of the few lucky Kenyans who have touched Sh 1 million, which I call mine, thanks to MPESA shop that I started in 2009.

I completed my college education in 2007 with a diploma in education. At that time, jobs were easy to come by, and I was fortunate to secure employment at a private school in Kiambu.

At that time, my salary was Ksh3, 500, and since it was my first time to see such amount, I was elated to have the job. But soon after settling down, the money started become little because of additional responsibilities. I would earn the salary on 27th of every month and by 15 of the following month, I was broke. It reached a point where I started borrowing to sustain my lifestyle. To make it worse, I would borrow on 15th and when the salary came, half of the money went to paying my debts. I sank into a deep hole that needed thinking outside the box.

Two years into my employment, I said enough is enough after realizing I was only working to feed myself, pay rent and buy clothes, and not to save. A friend of mine, who never schooled past form four had an MPESA shop, which was doing well. She kept on challenging me because she was the one who used to loan me every month.

I used to feel embarrassed whenever I approached her. I would see he mood changing every time I asked for money, but she loaned me anyway.

I was frank when I approached her this time. I actually told her I was living from hand to mouth and was embarrassed of myself. I asked her for advice.

What she told me changed my life.

“My dear, I make at least Ksh2, 000 per day and in six months I have bought two plots”, she bragged to me.

“How can I start the business”, I inquired.

She requested for Ksh 30,000 so that I can have one of her MPESA lines.

I thought the money was too much and ignored her request. But when life squeezed me futhre,I couldn’t imagine standing before her to borrow money.I went and borrowed Sh 50,000 from my Chama.

I took Sh 30,000 to her and kept the rest. She then gave me one MPESA line.

In the agreement, for every Ksh 20 I made, she would take Sh 10.I employed my niece to do the business. And to my surprise, I was making Ksh 500 per day, that’s after giving my friend her due.

After realizing the business was good, I decided to terminate my contract with my employer to concentrate fully on my business.

It took me 7 months to get my own MPESA line, which allowed me to keep all the profit. The business grew and expanded. I left the first shop with my niece and decided to open another one in Nairobi Moi Avenue.

In Nairobi, I could make up to Ksh 8,000 per day, which motivated me more. And within 5 years, I had over 7 MPESA shops,5 in Nairobi and two in Kiambu.

To be frank, a single MPESA shop in Nairobi gives me an average of Ksh 4,000 per day. In total, I make at least Ksh 30,000 per day.

From rags, my total assets today amounts to Ksh 20 million. I thank God for my friend who introduced me to the world of business.

I have learnt several lessons,that:

  1. Employment can lead to poverty.
  2. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in starting a business,what  matters is the kind of business you set up,management strategy and the time you invest into the business.
  3. A friend can be a source of blessings.