Business Success Story in South Africa: How I Built a R2 million Restaurant in two years


I was born an entrepreneur even if my parents wanted me to study hard to become a lawyer. My mobile restaurant was built out of dissatisfaction with my salary…and I am now a proud owner of several mobile restaurants in South Africa.

I studied at the University of Pretoria, one of the best institutions here.After completing my law degree I secured a job at a popular law firm in South Africa. This is where I was tasked to represent the company on minor cases because I was a junior employee with almost zero professional experience.

After two years, I was promoted to the position of Senior Lawyer. Tasks increased but my salary increased by a small margin.

I worked at the company for 4 good years, earning less than R20, 000 per month .It was until a friend, who had joined business shortly after college met me at the office: she actually wanted our services.

This friend was running a real estate company in Johannesburg and wanted legal experts to help in drafting agreement documents. What I saw shocked me: my friend was able to sell a house at R 10 million and pocket R 100,000 after the transaction was complete-I felt empty.

I realized I was wasting my time at that office, after all my passion was in business. I took a whole month thinking about a good venture I could engage in.Luckily,I had identified a gap and it was a mobile restaurant. I realized most of our lunches were supplied by individuals who owned mobile restaurants but their services were not up to our expectations.

I left the company three months later and opened a mobile restaurant at Johannesburg. This is where I felt like my dream had come true.

The initial capital was R 100, 000, which I had saved during my entire period of employment.

I remember it was in 2014, that’s when the business was born.Today,the restaurant has 5 branches and it’s making over R 5,000 per day.






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