Business Success Story.How I made $100,000 Through Selling Gold and Diamond Jewelry


I am one of those people who always listen to people,because I believe everyone has something that can help me grow and become more,especially in this competitive world.I am a successful entrepreneur and my business involves selling gold and diamond jewelries.

My business was born in 2009 ,shortly after I was sacked by an audit company which was downsizing its employees.At that moment I had a young son,who was 6 months old and my boyfriend had just left me to fend for the angel.Being out of employment is painful,I can assure you.When the company cut off the only source of income,I fund myself standing between poverty and misery.Since I was fired,not because of incompetency,but because the company was making losses,I knew my life would take a nose dive,but the desperation won’t last.With just $2,000 in my bank account,I knew life was to be hard.

I gave myself one month of meditation,which also I used to take opinion from some of my friends.By the way friends can be bad.In a span of 1 month,I had lost almost all my friends.What shocked me was the fact that not a single friend was willing to boost me financially.When they heard I was jobless,they knew the next thing was to ask for money,so off they went.A few friends who remained with me never bothered what was happening in my life,but they occasionally gave me moral support.But what encouraged me was the way my mother encouraged me.

In 2008 December,I had exhausted my savings,but I had numerous responsibility to meet.Having no one to turn to except my mother.I decided to take my business idea to her.It was during a discussion that she informed me that her former colleague (she used to work for pension company) had a shop in the city.Though she liked the idea of selling smartphones,she didn’t encourage me to implement it.

After two days my mother took me to her friend.Upon arrival,I realized the opportunities I had missed while working for someone.In this shop,jewelries existed,others going for up to $100,000.The business lady was so kind,even when she knew I intended to open a business like hers.What encouraged me more was the idea she proposed,that I had to work for her for some time to learn how the business is conducted before I would set mine.I liked the idea and two weeks later,I was learning the basics of selling gold and diamond jewelry.

I worked for 3 months,got the required capital which enabled me to start a small shop,far from my employer’s shop.Since I had done the same,I learnt customer preferences and where to source for the precious medals.

It’s now 7 years,from a capital of $10,000,I now own an empire.In my bank account sits $100,0000 while my business is growing by day.I am now a proud entrepreneur.