Business ideeas in Uganda:Best Business to start in Uganda with small capital


Uganda is one of the fastest growing countries in East and Central Africa in terms of business. When I first visited the country in the year 2000, the level of hopelessness was extremely high. Ten years later, the country underwent a transformation under the leadership of President Museveni. TodayToday; there are several business opportunities, which have produced popular millionaires.

Assuming that you have little cash, say Ush 10,000 and you are at crossroads in regards to the best business you can start to keep you going. When it comes to business it doesn’t matter how much you have in your pocket, what matters is how best you implement the ideas at your disposal.

Below are several small businesses you can start in Uganda and make a kill out of it.

1. Selling second hand clothes
Almost the entire population in Uganda survives on second hand clothes. Regardless of the town you reside within the country, you can make it if you start venturing in selling second hand clothes.

You can start the business with as little as Ush 20,000.

2. Hawking
There is a reason why hawkers thrive in Kampala. The business does not require huge capital as you can imagine. A hawker in Kampala require Ush 20,000 to start the business but the amount can increase based on the quantity you wish to sell.

If you have a small capital and perhaps wondering which type of business to start in Uganda, hawking can be the ideal business for you. The best products to sell include water, umbrellas, biscuits and fruit juice.

3. Small shop
If you don’t have Ush3 million to start a big general shop then you can have Ush 1 million to start a small shop and grow with time.

As you plan this venture, ensure that you set up your shop away from a supermarket-a general shop works well in small towns.

4. Chicken farming
If you have a small land which is idle, you can start by keeping two chickens for eggs and increase with time. But keeping broilers can be the best idea because they grow faster and within 5 weeks you have your capital plus profit from sales proceeds.

5. Starting a car wash business
Have you ever thought of this business! The rate at which people are buying cars in Uganda is very high; you should capitalize in this and start a car wash business. In remote areas, capital needed for this business is almost zero.

6. Motorcycle business
It might be a dream come true if you manage to buy a bodaboda.So many people in Uganda use motor cycles because they are reliable and convenient as compared to taxis.

7. Selling vegetables
You can have a grocery where you specialize in selling vegetables, tomatoes and onions. This business does not require large capital to start as long as you have a place to set it up.

8. Berber shop/Salon
With just Ush200, 000, you have a barbershop or a salon. Furthermore, having a salon and a barbershop at the same building is an excellent idea because of revenue from the two businesses.

9. Shoe shining business
If you live in Kampala, you are jobless and hopeless then this is a good opportunity for you. Shoe shining business will not require huge capital, just a chair, a towel, a brush and shoe polish are enough to start operating this venture.

10. Day care
So many people in Kampala wish to take their kids to day care when they are working. You can capitalize on this and start a day care within your estate.






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