Business you can start in Nigeria with small or no capital and get high profits


Nigeria is one of the few countries in Africa where any business simply flourish, even if it’s small. This is contributed by large population and existence of favourable conditions for business.

It is quite heartbreaking when a number of entrepreneurs don’t have enough capital to start business large enough to generate huge profits. However, good news is that you can make million as of dollars with small businesses, what is needed is persistency, hard work, consistence and networking.

I know there are a number of Nigerians who aren’t sure what kind of business to venture with the few coins they have. This article is intended to shade some light and help you make informed decision that could change your life forever.

Below are a number of businesses you could start in Nigeria with little or absolutely no capital and be a millionaire.

Fast food restaurant

Fast food restaurants are common businesses in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. One of the reasons why most people venture into this business is because it’s so much profitable. Once you are into fast food restaurant business, your life is totally different from what can be referred ad ‘common man’

The business can be conducted in different scales. Small scale business requires very little capital but it’s better conducted in village town, not Abuja. A big fast food restaurant can earn you millions in Abuja but you must have several millions to conduct this type of business.

Car wash

Car wash is also a good business. Research shows that over 50,000 Nigerians are conducting car wash business, some of them raking in over N30, 000 per day.

With as little as N5, 000 you can start a car wash business in a village town and grow your business with time. Starting a professional car wash may cost more but earn you what you need to call yourself rich.


The emergency of social media and smart phones has changed the way people communicate. In this era, the young and the old seek information online. If you have passion in writing and truly feel you are capable of attracting people to your site, then blogging is something to think about.

To start a blog is something everyone can afford.

Berber Shop

We all know Berber shops are scattered everywhere in towns and villages, but do you know there are people who make profits in dollars per day! God hates idleness and the more you keep complaining, the more you allow others to thrive under your watch.

A Berber Shop is something you could try in Nigeria with very small capital and make some money to keep you going. It can grow to something else-who knows.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming has worked well for almost everyone who venture into this business. I have made a number of Nigerians who have made it from rearing 2 chickens to keeping over 1,000 chickens. There are so many success stories involving this wonderful business.

Broilers work very well when it comes to poultry farming because they mature very fast and profits are always estimated to be more than twice buying price. Layers are also the best alternative because so many hotels as well as individuals will be your regular customers

Starting salon business

Women love beauty, their hair play a significant role in portraying the picture every woman desires. A salon is definitely what could make you a darling of many women as they frequent your business.

Salon is among the easiest and cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria.

Motorcycle business

This provides alternative to vehicles in transport business.Motorcyle is the most convenient means of transport when people have to rush somewhere, especially short distances and they don’t enough money to hire cabs.

Even if you are a Degree holder, don’t mind starting this business, it might open doors for you.


It’s also another business you can venture into in Nigeria. Though sometimes it can take time to grow, the profits are very good.

Other businesses include hawking, selling water, farming and manicure pedicure business.







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