Cake Making Business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi-it’s booming

Over the past few years I have seen the number of shops that sell cakes increase tremendously, not only in Nairobi but also in other major towns in the country. I thought it’s because the level of unemployment is ever increasing and is the main cause of mushrooming of shops associated with cake business. I never realized that there is something unique about the business until I got so curious to ask the industry players.

Last year, when I was walking along Harambee Avenue I saw my former college mate standing outside The Treasury. I rushed to greet him since it was; I think five years, since we last saw each other. As we were chatting he told me that he resigned from his work to concentrate on his business. He added that the business is booming and he doesn’t want to waste time in the office while competitors are making millions. When I asked him which business he was doing, he comfortably told me that he had specialized in cake baking.

Since I had heard that the business is good, I sweet talked him to know how much he makes per day. I almost fainted when he revealed to me that Khs5, 000 is on the lower side.

I have been going round Nairobi, talking with the business owners. In January this year, I met Esther, who owns a very nice shop in South C.She was also working as a teacher but resigned to venture into cake baking business. She never regret because what she makes in a day is equivalent to a primary teacher’s monthly salary. She is planning to expand to other estates within the city.

Another entrepreneur whose story shocked me is John.He owns a cake baking shop in westlands Nairobi. He started the business two years ago but he is surprised by the number of customers he’s built over time.John says that in a good day,he pockets Ksh70,000.He confessed that before he joined business he was not used to handling big cash. The moment his account clocked Sh 1 million, he closed the shop to go and celebrate his achievement in coast. He is now rich.

There are many such cases in Nairobi, varying degree of success but the bottom line is, all of them are successful. Their clients include couples who are celebrating their anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and individuals who prefer cakes to breads and mandazi.

When I asked about the capital required to start cake baking business most of them quoted Ksh500, 000-Ksh 1, 000, 000.However, there are others who start the business from home with less capital.






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