Can I apply for a job before I graduate and without degree certificates?

I am in Dilemma here! I completed college two months ago and am waiting for graduation. I have a big issue here I want you to help me.

I always see jobs being advertised but since I don’t have a degree certificate, I find it add to apply. Most of the jobs I see are meant for someone like me because they don’t require professional experience.

Though I haven’t applied for any, I wish to know whether it’s wrong to apply without my degree. Do I have a chance of being invited for interview?

According to my understanding, you are eligible to apply for a job you are qualified as long as you can prove that you have the skills. What you need to do is go to your college and obtain a clearance letter from your dean. Use it alongside application letter and transcripts and CV to apply for the job.

I have seen several people getting a job even before graduation. Sometimes what employers look for is talent and not your academic papers. If you have a good CV, they will invite you for interview, that’s where they test your skills to determine whether you are the right candidate.

Though having a certificate can give you advantage over other applicants that does not mean that those who don’t possess one will not be given a chance. Human resources officers are trained in such a way that allows them pick the best candidates by even overlooking academic papers.

I can advise you not to wait until you graduate in order to start applying for employment. Start now and you will be surprised that any time is the right time. Make sure you have a nice CV-you can get a template from the net and edit it to suite your skills and qualifications. Then apply for any job you feel that you are qualified.

The most common jobs for people like you are: Graduate Trainee, Internships, Sales Executives, Research Associates and Volunteer opportunities.






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