Can I get a job in India with just a diploma certificate?


“I am a diploma holder, living in Mumbai. I graduated in 2010 with a diploma in business administration. I have been searching for employment with my diploma but I haven’t managed to secure one. I am so frustrated to the point of giving up.

I want to know what I can do to get a job with my diploma certificate”.


What I can tell you is that getting employment in India with a diploma involves both lack and the type of certificate you hold. As a job seeker, you should consider the period you take to search for employment; if it exceeds 5 years, you should try alternative means of survival.

We, however, recommend that you enroll for a degree programme for you to increase the chances of securing employment. In addition to that, you ought to enroll for a professional programme, which is highly valued by most employers.

Alternatively, you can start a business venture with as little as Rs 2, 000.However, the business might take time to grow. The best business for you is starting ice-cream business, electronic shop or blogging.

Another best way of making it in life is by volunteering to work for companies without pay. Getting professional experience can enable you secure a lucrative job.