Can I get a job in Uganda with a diploma in Front office and receptionist?


My name is Joan and am pursuing a diploma in Front office and receptionist. Am wondering whether I can get a job in Uganda with this qualification. Please advice?


What I can tell you Joan is that in Uganda there are many people who have pursued a diploma in Front office, but that does not discourage you from having hope of securing employment.

Of course the level of unemployment for front office graduates is high,and many graduates are still jobless. What is needed of you is to develop a strategy that will help you get the job immediately you graduate.

The first strategy is to make sure you top your class.Besides, ensure you develop a professional network while you are in school. This network will greatly boost your chances of getting a job.

Another thing that has greatly helped job seekers is pursuing additional course to supplement their diploma certificate. In your case, I would suggest you pursue computer application courses and if possible a professional certification in secretaries.

Once you have done what we have mentioned above, make your CV professional. This is the most important for any job seeker. There are several companies doing professional CV writing in Uganda which charge reasonable fee.Alteratively,you can download several templates online and design yours to suit your design.

One thing I am sure you will face is that without aggressiveness, you are likely to remain jobless for at least one year but if you move to Kampala and start dropping your CV to institutions, then work will be easier to get.