Can I get a Job With a Second Lower or Pass Grade in University


Scoring a second class lower in university is normal, and it’s estimated that over a third of graduates from any university in the world score these grades. Many job seekers are often worried about their future after scoring second lower, a grade that is associated with failure. But I can assure you, there are millions of people who have succeeded with this grade.

I know several companies that don’t employ fresh graduates with second lower, but this should not discourage you because there are a million others that look for talent instead of academic papers.

It is normal to find an intelligent and talented student in Medicine, Law, Engineering, Actuarial Science, Computer Sicence, Piloting or Electrical Engineering scoring a second lower or a pass. That does not mean that the students are incapable of executing their duties diligently. Some of these students have proved to be so much resourceful to companies to the extent of cutting a niche for themselves. The companies rely on them heavily and they won’t afford to lose them.

Now-in case you scored a second lower or a pass, your chances of getting your first job in a competitive field might be limited. What you should do in order to convince your potential employer is to pursue a professional course. For instance if you studied Actuarial Science, enroll for Actuarial Science professional course. If you studied computer science, make sure you pursue ORACLE, CCNT, CICT or any relevant course in your career. By doing so, you will successfully secure employment in any profession without being questioned further.

Alternatively, you can pursue private business, if indeed you are talented