Cancer Treatment, Causes, Symptoms and Best Places to Go For Treatment


Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in the world.Een so,the disease is curable.We shall take you through the causes,symptoms,how to treat the disease and the best places to go for cancer treatment.

Cancer is a category of diseases that entails an uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. The research paper identifies the properties of cancer which are invasiveness, abnormality and uncontrollably. Additionally, it determines that healthy cells ensure the standard functioning of the body whereas cancer cells disrupt it from behaving normally. Thus, these healthy cells generate and divide to replace damaged cancer cells to ensure growth then eventually go back to an equilibrium state of division. Cancer cells divide and continue to accumulate and eventually forming a non-structured mass otherwise known as a tumor. They become invasive especially after covering a wider area of the body from the original point of infection.  However, the behavior of cancer differs depending on the host`s organ that it infects first.


Cancer originates from the body`s healthy cells which multiply and regenerate when needed and die when not needed. Thus, cancer grows when the cells in the body multiply and grow quickly beyond the standard rate or when such cells do not die when they need to do so. Several forms of cancer exist, and they occur in different organs of the body such as the bones, nerves, lung, breasts and colon. The primary causes of cancer include the following:

  • Benzene and other chemicals
  • Drinking excess alcohol
  • Environmental toxins, such as certain poisonous mushrooms and a type of poison that can grow on peanut plants (aflatoxins)
  • Excessive sunlight exposure
  • Genetic problems
  • Obesity
  • Radiation
  • Viruses

However, certain information regarding cancer and its origin remain unknown today with lung cancer being a leading cause of death. Additionally, conventional ones in the world today that affect men are prostate, colon and lung cancers whereas those for women are colon, lung and breast cancers. There are other forms of cancer, and they include liver, thyroid, uterine, skin, leukemia, cervical, brain, testicular and ovarian cancers.

Symptoms of cancer

Several factors determine the existence of cancer symptoms including the locations and type. For instance, lung cancer symptoms include breathing difficulties, coughing and chest pains whereas colon one exhibits constipation, signs of blood during excretion of stool and diarrhea. However, certain cancers like pancreatic do not have symptoms and usually display them at a later stage of the disease especially when at the advanced phase.

The primary symptoms that most cancers exhibit include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of weight
  • Excessive sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Chills


The treatment of cancer depends on its kind and the stage reached when one seeks medical help. Cancer phases depict the extent of spread from its original infection area. For example, surgery becomes a standard approach for treatment when the cancer is still at its original location and hasn`t spread to other regions. Such treatment is usually for breast, colon, skin and lung cancers. However, if surgery fails to remove and eliminate all traces of cancerous cells, doctors opt for radiation and chemotherapy as treatment. Some need thorough treatment that entails the three treatment approaches.

The best treatment for cancer that affects the lymph glands is radiation and chemotherapy and rarely requires surgery. Patients need to ensure their strength during treatment by eating well and having adequate rest. Treatment through radiation are less painful, its side effects do not last long, and they vary based on the part of the body undergoing treatment. Patients need to eat healthily and avoid contact with others who have the flu or cold when they undergo chemotherapy treatment because it weakens the immune system. Ultimately, they need to have plenty of rest, good support from friends and family and understand that helping oneself enhances the sense of self-control.


To minimize the risk of getting a cancerous (malignant) tumor a person needs to:

  • Exercise regularly and eat healthily.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol.
  • Ensure that he or she has a healthy weight.
  • Minimize exposure to the sun, toxic chemicals, and radiation.
  • Make early tests for cancer to identify at more initial stages of natural treatment.

Cancer is a chronic disease, one of the main killers of humanity. People across the world are affected, which has prompted World Health Organization to sensitize people on the importance of avoiding cancer causing foods and lifestyles.

If by chance you find yourself suffering from cancer, ensure you go for treatment before it progresses to untreatable level. Usually, cancer in stages 1 and 2 is treatable.

The best countries to go for cancer treatment include India and USA, but India emerges as the best because most hospitals in this country have the best doctors and are also the cost of treatment is low. Most cancer patients from all parts of the world travel to India for treatment.