CFA Syllabus, fees structure in USA, South Africa, India,Nigeria,UK,Australia,Canada


CFA is the best professional course for Finance professional in the entire world. The course is so marketable that when a student passes level one, opportunities start coming. At level II, the student is a hot cake, and at level III he could easily be a Chief Finance Officer.

Chartered Financial Analyst requires someone who is prepared to face a real challenge.CFA is not something you can wait until the last minute to peruse through the notes and pass exam, it needs serious professionals. More than 50 percent of people who join to study this course drop at level one simply because it becomes so tough for them to crack. However, those who persevere until completion are heavily rewarded.

The course is suitable for people who have joined career in Finance and intend to grow within the company or get better opportunities in the Investment world.

More than half of students who register for exams fail, which explains why the faint hearted are not needed here.

The syllabus

Topic Area Level I Level II Level III
Ethical and Professional Standards 15% 10% 10%
Quantitative Methods 12% 5-10% 0%
Economics 10% 5-10% 0%
Financial Reporting and Analysis 20% 15-25% 0%
Corporate Finance 8% 5-15% 10%
Total: Investment Tools 50% 30-60% 0%
Equity Investments 10% 20-30% 5-15%
Fixed Income 12% 5-15% 10-20%
Derivatives 5% 5-15% 5-15%
Alternative Investments 3% 5-15% 5-15%
Total: Asset Classes 30% 35-75% 35-45%
Portfolio Management 5% 5-15% 45-55%
Total 100% 100% 100%


Fees structure

Standard registration fees is between $ 400-$850 depending on time of registration.

Every level require between $1,000-$1,300,which means you have to spend over $5,000 to complete the entire course of three levels.

Time of examination

CFA is administered in June and December every year but in some countries, it is administered once a year.






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