Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course in Tanzania, Jobs and Salaries


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is one of the best professional certifications in the world. In Tanzania, the course is highly valued, infact,if you possess the qualification, chances of missing out on any employment opportunity are almost zero.

Very few graduates are at a position to pursue the course. As you know, it requires one at least Tsh 2.5 million to complete the three required levels for certification. But who will afford this?

The beauty of studying CFA in Tanzania is that you have fewer competitors. As I write this, only less than 15individuals possess the qualification in this country. But there are over 200 others who are actively pursuing the course.

There is one thing you should learn about CFA.The most important: if you are a college student you have to wait until you complete your studies before you enroll of CFA-that’s a mandatory requirement.However,those in their final year of study are allowed to pursue it, as long as they produce proof of course work units completed.

If by chance you manage to complete even level 1 of CFA in Tanzania, you will immediately secure employment, and the following are companies that can absorb you.

Audit firms like PWC and Deloitte

Tanzania Revenue Authority

Stock brokers

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

Bank of Tanzania (BOT)

All Investment Banks in Tanzania

Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA)

Ministry of Finance

World Bank

Apart from those companies, you can also secure employment at research companies and actuarial firms.

I know you are wondering how you will study the course: well, once you enroll for CFA, reading materials are provided, and you are required to follow the guideline you are provided so that you can cover all the topics in the reading materials. Alternatively, you can download tutorials online-there are all over.

Finally,CFA has the best salary in Tanzania. The lowest paid CFA holder earns Tsh Tsh 2 million. Others earn upwards of Tsh 10 million.






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  1. samora Chacha Avatar
    samora Chacha

    Theophil just check out

    There is no examination center in Tanzania, after you register you can only do the exam from Kenya or South Africa.

  2. CPA Aveline THEOPHIL Avatar
    CPA Aveline THEOPHIL

    hi am CPA graduate Accountant with 3 years working experience, working with largest mining company in the country( Tanzania) and am interested in studying the course.
    what are the procedures, where are offices where i can go get the whole information necessary to study the course.

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