Towns to Start Business in Kenya with small capital and Get High Profits


Starting a lucrative business is a dream of every Kenyan entrepreneur. Sometimes someone works for a company for a whole decade without showing a meaningful progress. When it reaches this point, most employees opt to resign to venture into private business.

However, the more they think of starting business the more they get scared of the huge costs involved in starting and operating business within major towns in Kenya.

For instance, it requires an individual over Ksh 1 million to start a fast food restaurant in Nairobi CBD, whereas capital for starting the same business in Eldoret is just below Ksh 200,000.

High cost of starting business in Nairobi results from the compulsory goodwill which an entrepreneur must pay, together with three months’ rent, to be allowed to operate from any building in the city centre.

A number of eager entrepreneurs have been locked out of accessing mouth-watering opportunities in various towns perceived to be so easy to start business due to ignorance. This article will take you through some of the towns, which operating any business does not require one to break the bank.

1. Narok
Narok is strategically positioned on the Nariobi-Kisii highway. The town is ranked among the few emerging small towns in the county, with a huge potential of realizing perfect growth in the next decade.

There is Maasai Mara National Park, which attracts over 100,000 tourists annually with estimated annual revenue of Ksh 40 billion.

With the influx of tourists to the town, coupled with the huge number of travellers who pass through the route daily, many Kenyans still belief that the town is the most expensive in terms of starting and operating business.

In fact, starting any Kind of business in the town may not require capital that could cripple your pocket. For instance, the capital for a small restaurant within the town may not exceed Sh 500,000.It is also believed that one of the easiest businesses set up in Narok town is a fast food restaurant because goodwill, in most cases, is not necessary.

2. Mtwapa
Mtwapa is located at the heart of Mombasa. The number of tourists who visit the small town could make an entrepreneur relocate from any town in Kenya to settle permanently in the small ‘city’.

It’s not a secret anymore that business in Mtwapa is a gold mine; the number of dollars circulating in the town is crazy.

Despite tourism placing the town in the world map, no one can dispute the fact that it’s among the cheapest towns to run a business.

One reason why it’s business friendly is because the level of illiteracy there is very high, with most locals engaging in alcoholism and drugs which deny them opportunities to think outside the box.

3. Machakos
Machakos is one of the closest towns to Nairobi city, and among the fastest growing towns in Eastern Part of Kenya.
Since Alfred Mutua became the Governor, the town has grown tremendously, seeing some of the most ambitious projects being completed by the able Governor.

Several roads have been tarmacked, Machakos people’s park has also been built, and several bore holes have been sunk during his tenure. All these infrastructures have seen the number of holiday makers touring the town increasing exponentially.

Despite being the most decorated county in Kenya, the town still remains a hot bed of Business

4. Nakuru
Nakuru is a cosmopolitan town, with majority of the residents being Kikuyu and Kalenjin.

When it comes to small business ideas and the small capital required in operating any kind of business, the cleanest town tops the list.

The towns we have described above are not only cheapest but the best in terms of ensuring the entrepreneur maximize his profits.

Other towns which are cheap include Kitale, Kericho, Bomet, Iten, Meru,Wote,Voi and Kilifi






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