Chris Brown Made Ksh 1 million per Minute, Ksh90 in 90 Minutes in Kenya


R&B star Chris Brown smiled all the way to the bank on Saturday after he pocketed Ksh 90 million in a single performance, thanks to Kenyan fans who adore him.

Venas News has established that Ksh35 million were deposited in Chris Brown’s bank account prior to his departure from the U.S.Upon arrival, another Ksh 33 million was deposited to his account.

On Saturday night, he performed for exactly 1 hour 30 minutes, which earned him Ksh 90 million in total.

This is the highest amount of money ever been earned by a single musician in the Kenyan soil. But the generosity of Kenyan fans, who paid Ksh20, 000 for ordinary tickets and Ksh50,000 for VIP tickets, ensured the organizers did not sweat to clear the bills.







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