CIFA new syllabus by KASNEB



Certified Investment and Financial Analyst is a professional course which is gaining popularity in Kenya despite being a news course.Several professionals opt to study this course because it’s content is 90 % similar to the popular CFA course.

Below is the whole syllabus for CIFA

Section 1

Financial Accounting (CI11)

Financial Mathematics (CI12)

Entrepreneurship and Communication (CI13)

Section 2

Economics (CI21)

Financial Institutions and Markets (CI22)

Public Finance and Taxation (CI23)

Section 3

Regulation of Financial Markets (CI31)

Corporate Finance (CI32)

Financial Statement Analysis (CI33)

Section 4

Equity Investment Analysis (CI41)

Portfolio Management (CI42)

Quantitative Analysis (CI43)

Section 5

Strategy, Governance and Ethics (CI51)

Fixed Income Investment Analysis (CI52)

Alternative Investments Analysis (CI53)

Section 6

Advanced Portfolio Management (CI61)

International Finance (CI62)

Derivatives Analysis (CI63)






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