Clinton’s popular vote lead passes the 2 million mark


Former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is biting fingers after her popular vote lead passes 2 million mark.

Counting is ongoing in major states like California, Trump is preparing to be sworn as president but what is lingering in Clinton’s mind is how she missed the seat by a whisker. As of mid-day Wednesday, Wasserman’s spread sheet had Clinton at 64,225,863 votes to Trump’s 62,210,612.These figure show why Hillary would hate Electoral College system, which shuttered her dream of becoming the most powerful woman on earth.

In California, Clinton garnered 3.7million more votes than Trump.

In the wake of this latest split decision — the same thing happened in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote but lost to George W. Bush on electoral votes — some Democrats are calling for an end to the Electoral College.

Their chances aren’t good; the Constitution authorizes the Electoral College, and smaller states — especially swing states that see a lot of presidential candidates — would likely block its abolition.

Trump, who was once a critic of the Electoral College, now says a popular vote-only system would force candidates to campaign only in bigger states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

“I think the popular vote would have been easier in a true sense because you’d go to a few places,” Trump told The New York Times. “I think that’s the genius of the Electoral College. I was never a fan of the Electoral College until now.”