Cloudways Pricing


Cludways is one of the best companies to host websites with heavy traffic. Pricing of various plans offered by the company are categorized based of the strength of features.

Hosting prices starts from $.01 per hour to $0.99 per hour. The cheapest Cloudways plan comes with 512 MB RAM,! Core Processor and a storage capacity of 50 GB.This plan is suitable for websites that receive traffic from 300,000 to 800,000 per month.

The most expensive plan costs $0.99 and comes with more advanced features, such as 9TB of bandwidth and 64 GB RAM.

Below are details of all the plans by Cloudways.


  Ram Processor Storage(Starts From) Bandwidth(Starts From) Price(Starts From)  
DO512MB 512             MB 1 Core 20GB 1TB $0.01/hour
DO1GB 1 GB 1 Core 30GB 2TB $0.02/hour
DO2GB 2 GB 2 Core 40GB 3TB $0.04/hour
DO4GB 4 GB 2 Core 60GB 4TB $0.09/hour
DO8GB 8 GB 4 Core 80GB 5TB $0.18/hour
DO16GB 16 GB 8 Core 160GB 6TB $0.31/hour
DO32GB 32 GB 12 Core 320GB 7TB $0.54/hour
DO48GB 48 GB 16 Core 480GB 8TB $0.77/hour
DO64GB 64 GB 20 Core 640GB 9TB $0.99/hour


What exactly makes you choose a specific plan?

The major motivating factor is the number of page views your site receives per day and the disk space your website consumes. If your website consumes more than 512 MB RAM, you have no choice but to move to a more expensive plan.Usually,Cloudways informs you whenever you exhaust your resources, so that you can prepare to upgrade.