Companies employing real estate graduates in Kenya


Perhaps you are wondering where you can get a job after pursuing a degree in real estate.Well, there are over 40 companies actively employing real estate graduates, most of them being multi nationals.

For your information, real estate industry is doing well in Kenya, so the issue of salary will not arise.

Having gone through the list of all the real estate companies in the country, I have narrowed down to only companies that pay modest salaries to graduates.

If you are a fresh graduate, send your CV to any of the companies listed below.

  1. Axis Real Estate Limited
  2. Ryden International
  3. Suraya Property Group Ltd‎
  4. Kenya’s Estate Agents‎
  5. Lamudi
  6. Ebony Estates Limited
  8. Knight Frank
  9. Hass Consult
  10. Ministry of Housing
  11. National Construction Authority
  12. National Housing Corporation
  13. Kenya Commercial Bank
  14. Housing Finance
  15. CFC Stanbic Bank
  16. Commercial Bank of Africa
  17. Barclays Bank Kenya
  18. Mhasibu Housing Co. Ltd


A company like Hass Consult can give you the best skills in the industry, making you one of the most sought individuals in the real estate sector. Banks like KCB and CFC stanbic that offer mortgage facilities also employ real estate graduates each year.

You can also send your CV to Knight Frank, which is responsible for property and real estate management