Companies in Nairobi that accept blind applications from job seekers


Are you in Nairobi and wondering where to drop your CV? Then this article will help you make informed decision in regards to job application and your journey to employment.

Several job vacancies are advertised daily in Kenya but you find that even if you apply for one, you don’t get invitation for interviews. Sometimes you become frustrated after realizing that no employer is noticing you despite sending over 1000 application. This is the moment you should try blind applications.

Blind application has helped many job seekers secure good jobs; I know a number of them who are shocked even up to now.

We present companies in Nairobi where you can drop your cv and actually receive a call from them for a job interview.

1. Kenya Revenue Authority
I know the moment you see KRA being mentioned in this article, you start wondering whether I am out of my mind. I have always advised whoever wants to apply for temporary employment or internship to apply to KRA, almost all of them have absorbed by the institution.

KRA takes interns yearly. If you apply in December, you expect a call in May the following year.Simply drop your application at Times Towers Nairobi.

The institution is known to take Graduate Trainee each year but don’t apply for this position if they have not advertised.

2. Bank of Africa
Bank of Africa is located at Reinsurance Plaza. It’s one quiet bank which you can’t imagine that they take employ anyone. The bank employs graduate clerks each year and they don’t advertise for any vacancy; they simply pick CVs they have in their database and call the applicants for interviews. They also employ sales representatives.

3. Cooperative bank
Cooperative Bank of Kenya is among the major employers in the country. Despite advertising for Graduate clerks and Direct Sales Representatives, it also employs graduates on temporary basis with a possibility of being absorbed with good terms.

Temporary employees are paid Ksh20, 000 per month.

4. PKF East Africa
PKF is an Audit and accounting firm located in Westlands Nairobi. The firm employs graduates each year as Audit Associates. More than 80 % of those who receive calls from the firm for interviews send their CV through blind applications.

5. Commercial Bank of Africa
If you want to work in a bank which pays good salaries then CBA is where to be. The starting salary for a fresh graduate at CBA is above Ksh 65, 000.One good thing about CBA is that they accept blind applications.

6. Airtel Kenya
Airtel is a top employer in India and is the best Telecom Company in Asia. The entered Kenyan market about 8 year ago and has managed to employ several Kenyans. One secret I will reveal today is that it pays better than its competitor, Safaricom.

The company accepts blind applications from graduates who want to work with them as Sales Representatives, Interns or Trainees.

Airtel is located along Mombasa Road in Parkside Towers.

7. Hass Consult
Do you want to work with a good real estate? Hass Consult is located in Westlands Nairobi and it accepts CVs from graduates even if they don’t have available opportunities.

Other companies that accept blind applications include, Infrotrak, Brookside Dairy Ltd,Ole Sereni Hotel,Eka Hotel, Old Mutual Kenya, Madison Insurance, Jubilee Insurance, A of Kenya, Standard Media Group,Kenindia Insurance,Kenafric Industries, Kestrel Kenya,Jamii Bora Bank.






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