Companies that pay business and BCOM graduates good salaries in Kenya



Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most marketable courses in the country. It becomes more interesting when a graduate pursues a professional course like CPA, ACCA, CIFA and CFA.

Due to the large number of Kenyans who graduate very year from local and foreign universities, employers have realized that there are many desperate Kenyans who are looking for ANY job and can accept any salary. They have therefore lowered salary scales for Accountants, Finance Specialists and Auditors in order to cut costs. But not all companies are mean towards BCOM graduates. This article is aimed at shading light on the companies which pay graduates good salaries in Kenya.

1. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
This is among the highest paying government institutions in the country. A fresh graduate from any university earns not less than Ksh 120, 000, which is way above 80 % of salaries paid to graduates in other institutions.

Graduates are paid well so that they cannot engage in corrupt practices.

2. Capital Markets Authority
Capital Markets Authority is responsible for regulating financial institutions in the country. Graduates who are lucky to get a job in this institution earn a starting salary of Ksh 120,000 or more.

3. Nairobi Securities Exchange
This is where trading on securities and financial instruments occur. Fresh graduates are paid good money here.A Bachelor of Commerce Graduate with qualification in CPA,ACCA or CFA earns more than
Ksh 150,000

4. Central Bank of Kenya
Central Bank of Kenya is responsible for overseeing operations of financial institutions in the country as well as making and implementing fiscal policies. Being the most critical institution in Kenya,its employees are paid well.

Starting salary for fresh graduates in CBK is above Ksh150, 000

5. PWC/EY/KPMG/Deloitte
These are the big four, as popularly known world over. In Kenya, fresh graduates are recruited into these institutions through graduate trainee programme, where they undergo compulsory training before they are allocated duties. The starting salaries for BCOM graduates in the four Audit and Accounting firms is Ksh 75,000-Ksh120, 000

6. Kenya Airports Authority/Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
The two government institutions are in the aviation industry. The starting salary for fresh graduates in the two institutions is above Ksh120, 000

7. Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority also pays fresh graduates good salaries. Moreover, there are so many ways of making money within the institution. Starting salary for fresh graduate at KPA is above Ksh70, 000

8. Centum Investment Company
Centum is an investment company which deals with real estate, stock market and investment on other assets in the East African market. The company is known for its popular Graduate Trainee program which recruits the best

Accounting and Finance graduates. The starting salary for fresh graduates in this company is above Ksh 100,000

9. Geothermal Development Company/KENGEN/Kenya Power
The three government institutions are responsible for generating and distributions of energy in the country. They have the best working conditions besides paying the best salaries. Starting salary in the three institutions is Ksh100, 000-Ksh130, 000

10. Independent Commissions
Independent commissions such as Salaries and Renumeration Commission, Office of the Controller of Budget, Judicial Service Commission, Commission for Revenue Allocation and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission pay their finance and accounting graduates decent salaries. A fresh graduate graduate’s salary in any of the above institutions is not less than Ksh70, 000.

11. NGOs and United Nations
If you are lucky to get a job in international NGO or UN as an Accountant, you will not miss to earn a starting salary of up to Ksh180, 000.In the UN you can earn up to Ksh300, 000.

12. BAT
The starting salary for a graduate in BAT is above Ksh120, 000 but with experience you can earn up to Ksh300, 000
13. National Intelligence Service
This is a very sensitive department within security sector. If you are lucky to get a job here your account would be Ksh180, 000 richer every month.

Other well-paying institutions include Citibank, office of the president, State House, Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya Airways






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