Companies to drop CV in Industrial Area Nairobi

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Industrial Area is an area within Nairobi where several manufacturing industries are located. Almost all the industries in Nairobi are located here plus other firms.

Job seekers often ignore industrial area, thinking that no company is big enough here to employ people. You will be surprised that there are over 50 companies in industrial area which are potential employers.

We are going to list companies where job seekers can drop their employment application letters in industrial area.

  1. Abcos Industrial Co. Ltd
  2. Aramex Kenya
  3. Century Apparels LTD
  4. Ceramics & carpets center
  5. Crown Paints Kenya Ltd
  6. Deepa Industries Ltd
  7. Endeavour Instrument Africa Limited
  8. General Plastics Limited
  9. Glacier Products Limited
  10. Industrial Boiler Products Co ltd
  11. Kenafric Industries
  12. Kenpoly
  13. Kenya Pipeline Company
  14. Keutaz Industries Ltd
  15. Marshalls E.A. Ltd
  16. MECOL Limited
  17. New Market Leather Factory Ltd
  18. Patco Industries
  20. RGS Kenya Limited
  21. Rok Industries Ltd
  22. Tetra Pak
  23. Transafrica Motors Ltd
  24. Twiga Chemicals
  25. Weetabix East Africa Ltd

The companies we have listed above are potential employers, you can choose which one to apply for a job and you will surely receive a call for interview if you take a step in applying for employment.






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