Companies to drop CVs in Upper Hill Nairobi


Are you in Nairobi but you are not sure which offices accept CVs from fresh graduates in upper hill Nairobi? One of the most shocking things I have heard from fresh graduates is that they are not aware that there are companies in upper hill that conduct recruitment.

When I was looking for a job, I had to know almost every office in Nairobi because as I stayed more in the city, the more I became impatient. I was forced to go into every corner where a company existed. I got a chance to know that there are companies which don’t advertise jobs but recruit job seekers from a pool of resumes they receive from blind applications. If you don’t physically visit the companies, you stand a better chance of missing golden opportunity of getting a job in such institutions.

After I got a job and later realized how job seekers miss out on several opportunities due to ignorance, I promised myself to inform them on the best ways to seek employment in Nairobi. This is one of the many articles aimed at helping them.

If you are in Nairobi and intend to drop CVs in companies based in upper hill, these are the companies you will drop your resume.

1. Old Mutual Kenya
Old mutual accepts CVs from job seekers, even those who send blind applications. Most of the employees in Old mutual got the jobs through blind applications.

Once you personally take your application for either Management Trainee jobs or Sales Jobs at old mutual in Upper Hill, you will receive a call after some time requiring you to go for a written interview. If you pass the aptitude test, you are subjected to an oral interview.

2. Citi Bank
The moment you arrive in Nairobi as a job seeker make sure you personally take job application letter to Citi Bank, which is located next to British Embassy in Kenya.

The bank will receive your CV and call you later to do an aptitude test which contains 50 questions. If you pass the interview, you’ll be subjected to an oral interview and upon completion the panel will decide on your fate.

3. Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
Commercial Bank of Africa does accept CVs from job seekers. Even if you apply online please ensure that you personally deliver your resume to their headquarter in Upper Hill. The company take seriously hard copy applications especially from the fresh graduates.

The bank pays fresh graduates well, so if you take advantage of this information you may be among the few fortunate.

4. NIC Bank
NIC bank is located near Nyayo National Stadium. The company accepts hard copy applications from fresh graduates despite having online application platform.

Some of the positions you can apply for include Graduate Trainee, Research Analyst and Sales Executive.

5. UAP Insurance
Being one of the largest Insurance companies in East Africa, UAP Insurance is the best place to work, it will expose you to aspects of investment, actuarial science, real estate and general insurance.

The company accepts blind application from fresh graduates; you should therefore not shy away from taking your CV there.

6. AON
AON is an Insurance company located in near Uhuru Park. The Company specializes in offering Actuarial services as well as general insurance services to clients. If you have a degree in Actuarial Science, Finance, Statistics or

Insurance, you can physically take your CV to AON.

7. Equity Bank
Equity Bank headquarters is located in Upper Hill. They receive so many online applications, but from my experience and research that I have done over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the human resource department prefer hard copy applications to online applications. You can one day visit their offices and drop your CV.

8. Madison Insurance
Madison Insurance is another company which accepts blind application from fresh graduates. You can either apply for the position of Graduate Trainee or Internship and they will surely consider you.






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