Companies to drop CVs in Westlands Nairobi

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Westlands is one of the towns within Nairobi which has several companies and institutions where fresh graduates could apply for employment. Surprisingly, many job seekers concentrate sending job applications to companies within Nairobi town and upper Hill, leaving an area that could provide a chance for employment.

Perhaps you have just arrived in Nairobi, you are keen to get a job but you are not sure which companies are seeking services of job seekers; today we are going to list several companies that recruit regularly but don’t advertise jobs.

You can decide to send blind applications or simply wait until they advertise for employment and then you aply.But I prefer you send blind job applications because most companies don’t put adverts on local dailies and websites.

  1. Radio Africa
  2. Credit Bank
  3. APA Insurance
  4. Oriental Commercial Bank
  5. Prime Bank
  6. Imperial Bank
  7. Hass Consult
  8. PKF East Africa
  9. Deloitte
  10. KPMG
  11. Jumia
  12. Safaricom
  13. PWC
  14. Unga Group
  15. United Nations
  16. Communication Authority of Kenya
  17. AVIC International
  18. ICAO
  19. LG
  20. RTI International
  21. Standard Chartered Bank
  22. CFC Stanbic
  23. Corporate Staffing
  24. Dry Associates RMS Arshvir
  25. Ipsos Synovate
  26. Infotrak
  27. TNS Global
  28. Google

You can select one of the companies, check their email address and apply for a suitable vacancy. Some of the companies listed above accept blind applications from job seekers.






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