Companies which employ Actuarial Science graduates in Kenya


  1. Actuarial Services (East Africa) Limited

Actuarial Services (East Africa) Limited is located in Victoria towers upper hill and is one of the best firms in Kenya in terms of training Actuaries practical aspects of Actuarial Science.

The company is privately owned but it’s generous in terms of salaries and promotions for its employees. The few fresh graduates I have interacted with state that starting salaries at the company is Ksh 60,000-Ksh90, 000

  1. Britam

Britam is among the most ambitious insurance companies which deal with investment, actuarial services as well as general insurance.

Each year the company advertises jobs on their websites for fresh graduates as well as experienced graduates.

The qualification for fresh graduates is always a B+ and above in KCSE and at least a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science (Upper Second or First Class)

If you check on their website at least every week, you will notice that most of the jobs advertised there are for either Actuarial Science or Statistics

  1. AON Consulting

AON consulting is also Insurance Company which deals with Actuarial Consulting. It has offices in most countries in the world, which explains why it’s always in need of Actuarial graduates to work on various assignments given by clients.

Our sources indicate that the company pays fresh graduates starting salaries of between Ksh 50,000 to Ksh70, 000

  1. Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes is purely Actuarial Science consulting firm. It’s one of the biggest Actuarial Consulting firm in the country with big, medium and small clients in the entire East Africa.

As a fresh graduate, if you manage to secure a job at Alexander Forbes then you have a bright future.

The salary scale for a fresh graduate at Alexander Forbes is Ksh60, 000-Ksh90, 000

The company allows blind applications from job seekers. So, don’t hesitate to send your CV there.

  1. UAP Insurance

This is another market leader in Insurance services as well as Investment segments. It has assets in the entire East Africa.

UAP Insurance employs Actuarial Science fresh graduates each year. But what I will advise you is to drop your CV at their headquarters in upper hill even if you don’t see their adverts; they will keep your CV in their database and when opportunity arise they will call you.

Starting salary for fresh graduates at UAP Insurance is Ksh 45,000-Ksh70, 000

  1. APA Insurance

The ever growing company is in the list of the best companies to work for in Kenya.

APA deals with general and medical insurance as well as Asset Management. The company has a very strong financial base, which explains why they pay their graduates good salaries.

No one should cheat you that there are no jobs at APA insurance because I have personally seen several friends landing on nice jobs at APA Insurance.

As the Actuarial Science fresh graduate, you will be allocated duties at the Asset Management section or Medical Insurance section.

Please don’t wait until this company advertises jobs, search for their email address on the net and apply with the address. The position you will apply for include Actuarial Associate, Management Trainee/Graduate Trainee and internship

  1. PWC/KPMG/Earnest and Young/Delloitte

These Audit and Accounting firms employ in massive every year. They are called the big four because they dominate the industry globally.

Working with any of the listed Audit firm will provide you with opportunity to learn Audit, Actuarial, Statistics and Accounting aspects in the industry. You will also have a chance to learn leadership qualities.

Starting salaries in these firms is between Ksh75, 000-Ksh120, 000.

  1. Insurance Regulatory Authority/Retirement Benefits Authority

They are government institutions which occasionally employ Actuarial graduates. However, you must perform very well in school to get a position at any of these insititutions.they usually don’t allow failures to join their team.

You can also apply for internship in any of the two institutions.

  1. Dry Associates

Dry Associates is located in Westlands Nairobi and it’s purely Actuarial Consulting firm. It’s a good firm to start your career.

  1. Kenya Revenue Authority

KRA recruits Graduate Trainees every year. Research shows that out of the entire group which is recruited at the institution 20 % are Actuarial Science and Statistics graduates.






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